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Whose right to cry

by Scott 

Posted: 02 September 2003
Word Count: 157

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My life looks charmed

The waters calm

I have a lovely life

Yes and a lovely wife

I suffer no terror

A life seemingly free from fear

So I have no right to cry?

I don’t live with war, poverty or hunger

I am not going to die

Well not yet

So clearly I have no right to cry?

But weep I do, secretly so

My happy face hides a mind almost six feet low

“When you fall asleep before I do, having sweet dreams of me and you, waking up to the sound of what ought to be a Cockatoo, I am still awake at a time set still, thinking of perils to give me a chill. Alone in my mind, oh a dangerous place, the images race and the demons give chase. How can I make them stop, rid myself of my invisible strop”

So behind my smiling eyes

My soul gently cries

But why?

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Comments by other Members

JohnK at 01:33 on 03 September 2003  Report this post
Scott -

Very moving, and I'm moved to answer your question - it is the oneness the speaker must have with those who are suffering, the downtrodden and the unlucky ones.

Whe3ther that is the explanation or not of your imaginary person's quite believable dilemma, I value you poem as a work of art, cleverly expressed and presented. Don't change a thing, JohnK.


(the '3' is much to close to the 'e' key, or my nails need clipping - wh3ether' should be 'wether'.) JohnK

Ioannou at 09:19 on 03 September 2003  Report this post
A friend once told me that even if I were to 'get happy,' I would then just end up dreading the day that this was taken away. Maybe this is why even the happy are sad. I don't know. I loved the part of this poem in quote marks. And the way the whole thing fits together. Love, Maria.

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