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poem 64

by Ona Trial 

Posted: 31 July 2006
Word Count: 223
Summary: I get to pick one piece of work for being on a trial, I couldn't find the one I wanted, but I quite like this one. Tell me anything at all, seriously, anything.

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The sweet pitched tone of my blackened mood
is aimed and ready to fire at your brooding,
weakened soul, fragility shows the weakness.
The simplicity with which I could destroy
and crush offhand your sense of self.
I could squeeze the un-ripened heart
that you portray as dark and unfathomable,
with one swift blow of my mouth.
Putty in my mind,
I could mould you into something else,
make you bend to my will with painful infliction.
Your mind stinging from the tightly held belief
that you are not what you thought.
Skin prickling as it yearns for my hand
to soothe the aching rash of longing
that you have for me.
I'll pull the ripcord on a spinning top
and send your mind into free-fall,
be amused by your assumed depths
of feelings and you will know
that you had never really existed until now.
I'll put a thousand pinpricks in your ego,
till its blackness is diffused,
you'll relinquish the power you thought you held
and hand it to me willingly.
The aloofness that you hold dear will melt
like an icicle that finds itself still around at noon,
with a slow drip drip drip to nothingness.
Your facade will thin to a veneer
of transparency and I will see you,
I will see you,
as you fall into the deep.

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Comments by other Members

The Walrus at 19:09 on 02 August 2006  Report this post
Of Dark Destroyer tendencies, no doubt... I feel it is well sculpted though... powerful, manipulative. The question that remains for me, is why?


Ona Trial at 23:45 on 02 August 2006  Report this post

Hi Christina,

Dark destroyer tendancies, I'll have a ponder on that. As to the answer to the question, I don't suppose it will make much sense to you, but the reason why is because I can't, I don't have that (nor do I actually want that) kind of power. It's a fantasy kinda thing. Erm,, blimey I'm a bit rubbish at explaining it, I'm not even sure I understand by what you meant by why.

Sincere thanks for commenting,


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