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where`s my princess

by o11ie 

Posted: 26 July 2006
Word Count: 112
Summary: my desparte cry for the unachievable

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Where is my princess

Where is my princess?
My exciting mistress
A girl to chase
Who holds my pace

Where is my lover?
My soothing mother
A beautiful sight
Who holds me tight

Where is my whore?
My obedient slave
A girl to hurt
Who doesn’t complain

Where is my Juliet?
My yearning heart
A fatal love
Who tears me apart

Where is my friend?
On whom I can depend
A girl to adore
Who’s never a chore

Who is this girl who lives in my head?
A dream, a fantasy, or something I read?
When will I appreciate what I’ve got
And let in the one who sleeps in my bed?

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 20:01 on 27 July 2006  Report this post
Hi o11ie. Welcome to WW! At first, this makes me think of a daddy - "My Princess", although very quickly I realise that this is very different!

You convey very well the idea that a woman has to be everything to everybody, whatever the requirement at the time.

I love form and rhyme, but I would advise you not to be too bound by it; the best parts of this have started to move away from the restrictions.

The sentiments behind this are excellent, as expressed in the closing lines.

Well done.



Meant to say that you need to decide whether you want a capital at the atart of each line; I prefer doing it as it would be in prose. Your choice!

o11ie at 22:13 on 29 July 2006  Report this post
thanks for your comments joanne. I've just been reading some of your stuff. I really enjoyed marrige of inconvieniece :)

joanie at 00:11 on 30 July 2006  Report this post
Thanks, o11ie!


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