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New media magazines needs contributos!

by mac13 

Posted: 21 June 2006
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New online arts/media magazine looking for contributors.

1. What is Innovative?
Innovative is an independent online literary/art/media magazine dedicated to providing exposure for as-yet unknown artists deserving of wider recognition. Innovative is full of intelligent reviews, articles, interviews and digital content (music, video and photography) presented to inform and enlighten.

2. Who is Innovative?
A small but dedicated team of likeminded creative people who love the art but hate the monotony of the mainstream.

3. What are Innovative’s aims?
To expose progressive artists who innovate through genuine personal expression rather than novelty. To encourage its readers to be more creative. To promote thought through its articles and reviews. To unite individuals who want more than the mainstream media offer. To cover art which the mainstream media ignore.

4. Why is the magazine called Innovative?
Because of its focus on promoting innovative artists, writers and thinkers. Also, unlike other magazines Innovative relies upon its readers to determine much of its content. A large percentage of the magazine consists of works provided by its creative readership, many of whom are artists, writers, etc.

5. Where, exactly, are your contributor guidelines?
Have you noticed the magazine’s title? It’s “Innovative”. Have you read the first few paragraphs? Those are your guidelines. You can submit works of any kind, as long as they are innovative and are not illegal (e.g. infringing upon copyrights, paedophilic, etc).

6. What rights are you requesting from contributors?
All contributions are owned by the contributors. We ask for the right to publish/exhibit your work, our aim being to promote, not to own, your work. We ask for you not to relinquish ownership of any work we publish/exhibit to anyone else as they may wish for us to remove your contributions.

7. Do you consider previously published work?
No, for the simple fact that if it has been previously published, the copyright probably belongs to the publisher whose permission we would need to include the work in this magazine.

8. What are your pay rates?
At the moment everyone working on the magazine is working for free. If in future the magazine is able to make money, then pay rates will be discussed. What will be likely is that the contributors will receive a percentage of the profit from any issue they have contributed to.

9.Who are you people?
We are all non-professionals in our various fields, working to gain the experience and recognition required to become professionals.

10. Who is your target market?
Practitioners of various arts/media, as well as people interested in the arts/media, people in search of something non-mainstream, etc. By covering unknown artists, we are very focused on attracting unknown artists as readers who then become contributors.

11. Your listing seems rather broadly focused, perhaps too broad. Do you accept genre work? Erotica? Children's lit? All of the above?
As long as it is innovative (i.e. challenging the conventions of its genre rather than following them), then yes, genre work is fine. Generic work is not.

12. Why should a contributor turn over their work to you?
Free publicity, the contributor retains complete ownership of their work, they have their work assessed by other artists working with similar ideas, etc.

13. How can I contribute to Innovative?
At the moment, you may only contribute on a freelance basis (i.e. no job vacancies right now). To do so, contact the editor with your ideas or enclosing a few (i.e. maximum three) LINKS to examples of your work. We love submissions; we hate Inbox-filling attachments. Remember: LINKS not ATTACHMENTS.

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