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Old Scholars

by Dele Campbell 

Posted: 08 June 2006
Word Count: 371
Summary: Two poems, Class Reunion, meeting with an old flame years later, and Shopping List, what every woman thinks about while she fills her shopping trolley (especially in the fruit section)

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Class Reunion

I gently touched her arm
lured by the promise from

svelte curvature of neck

With deep unblinking gaze she turned
slight smile replaced

her hungry mouth and eyes

a strangerís stillness
perfected her disguise

The deftness of those willing hands
her throaty gasping chuckle as
I tasted honeydew the underside
of breastís rose petal skin

Pulsating body drowning in my arms

A soft spot in my heart
for always

Do I know you, she enquired

Shopping List

Will I feel it when he kisses me
Will my heart beat twice then flutter and turn
And then beat twice again
Will I feel it?


Will I feel it when his lips leave a trail of angel dust
upon my cheek sparking up
dead cells, deranging hormones, melting dreams
Will I feel it?


Will I feel it as he kissed my throat pressed soft lips
against my pulse will he hear my frenzied heart,
And when those magic fingers stroke my breast
Will I feel it?


Will I feel it as he gently puts his hand upon my waist
And leaves it there
And looks into my eyes and knows
Will I feel it?


Will I feel it when he comes behind

His hand hot upon my back
Rumbles gently in my ear
Will I feel it?

Will I feel in the hairs
Of my neck and my ears swell reddening
When those hairs prick up will I
Will I feel it?

Will I feel it if he then places both his arms around my breasts
Gently clasps my pliant body gainst his chest,
his rugged manly self
Will I feel it?

When I touch him and I hear his breathing quicken
will I feel it
And see his face flush and his eyes drown with desire
Will I feel it?

Will I feel it as he pressed a long strong thigh against my dimpled hips
And rubbed against a secret place
Long lost abandoned dispossessed
Will I feel it?

Will I feel it, will I feel it as I swoon in his embrace
Tender skin scraped raw with tough rough
Riding screaming had enough at last
Will I feel it?

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Comments by other Members

joanie at 16:23 on 08 June 2006  Report this post
Hi Dele. 'Class Reunion' is lovely. You have painted a beautiful picture, then the awful poignancy of the last line! Is this a result of personal experience? It must be! I think I would have put punctuation here - question mark, inverted commas - but I'm not totally sure.

Mmmmm ... I'm off to Tesco tomorrow .... I wonder what I shall be thinking around the fruit and veg?? 'Shopping list' is deliciously erotic. I need to come back to read again! An excellent idea, I think.


Plagious at 21:29 on 08 June 2006  Report this post
Will be joining Joanie in the supermarket aisle for a hunt!

Each stanza captures what we dare not say (if only think), in such an eloquent way!

Made me smile and made me catch my breath. Wonderful! Plagious

Dele Campbell at 23:25 on 08 June 2006  Report this post
I'm so glad you liked the pieces, plagious and joanie, old flames from way back when never remember with the same poignancy, and I shall also be in Tesco. Hopefully now when you see all those women with their trollies staring into space you won't just assume they're thinking about politics or religioun.
The shopping list evolved because I was completely bessotted by a completely inaccesible man, and therefore had lots of unrequitedness to fuel my pen.
Ah, youth!
Ah, middle age , come to that.

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