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Our Love Belongs To You No More

by Esther Frances 

Posted: 28 April 2006
Word Count: 256
Summary: Retaking the love, the energy, the giving....even when that's not really true...

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Our love belongs to you no more
Every word and thought and action
is solid documentation
absolute proof
that we, in dunes, existed
Once or twice or maybe more

Every kiss dropped
Every keen memory
embellished with rhyme and rhythm
belongs to the public abyss
and I now offer my part in this
for the greater good

Our love belongs to you no more
It never did
It was my creation
I made it all up like a storm in a teacup
and then I drank you all down
in one warm gulp

Every shroud we shook out
Every different word we reinvented
I took it all…and selfishly
I reshaped it into what I wanted
Though if I am perfectly honest
What I really wanted was you

Our love belongs to you no more
I have torn it from your memory
like a job ad in the local rag
I have absorbed every hidden pulse
and made a meal of it
A feast that I have greedily consumed

Every photograph we never took
Even the words we never said
They belong to me
And I choose to exercise my right
to interpret them as I please
and indeed in hidden mirth I shall

Our love belongs to you no more
And as I reclaim it for the universe
I see your charity is dissipating
and you are finally left bereft
Finger searching over memories
Scanning in trays and out trays
for some rational validation
that you or we ever existed

But even that belongs to me……..

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Comments by other Members

DeadPoet at 10:26 on 03 May 2006  Report this post
Hi decided to take a look around your archive. I like the themes that you explore - they are everyday themes but you have a fresh approach with imagery and word play. I love the storm in the tea cup which was swallowed in one gulp. Also, the deeper realisation that we can create our own relationships and what happens when we take our eye of the ball? The energy goes away. I really enjoyed this very thoughtful poem. V

Esther Frances at 17:31 on 09 May 2006  Report this post
Dear V Thanks very much for your comments and for taking the time to look around the archive and I'm always so thrilled when someone likes what I'm writing. I do tend to be a tad self indulgent but soon I'm hoping to get out of the habit and be more disciplined in my subject areas. Thanks again . E

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