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Proof That Parrots Don’t Believe In God

by Mickey 

Posted: 17 April 2006
Word Count: 147
Summary: Another of my 'animal' poems. This is actually semi-serious. If you were an animal would you expect your God to look like you ... or the bloke who feeds you?

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Parrots are the strangest birds
Cos, tho’ they’re pre-disposed to screech,
They can be taught to utter words –
They’re capable of simple speech.

They have no concept of their meaning,
They lift one foot to scratch their head,
Indulging in their daily preening,
Oblivious to what they’ve said.

So, can we really claim they ‘speak’?
To claim intelligence is folly.
When word-like noises leave their beak
It’s usually just “Pretty Polly”

Parrots have no spiritual needs,
For ‘deeper meaning’ they don’t search.
They’re happy sucking sunflower seeds,
Or shuffling up and down their perch.

They don’t opine or contemplate,
They have no views on life hereafter,
Or ponder on the parrots’ state,
Tell them a joke – you’ll get no laughter.

But … what if they believed in God
And knew about His holy law?
Wouldn’t they consider odd
That ‘He’ is not a huge macaw?

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Comments by other Members

Elsie at 16:11 on 17 April 2006  Report this post
Mikey Hello - glad you're posting again. Uh - how do you they parrots don't search for deeper meaning? Have you been talking to the animals again? I detect a rhyme scheme here..; ) Very neat and smart poem. Come on - time to do your exercises..

NinaLara at 21:04 on 17 April 2006  Report this post
I really enjoyed this ... but the assumptions about non-reflexivity made me feel a little put out on the Parrot's behalf. God as a huge Macaw? What a wonderful idea and a great way of ending the poem. I think this is a great success ... and can see it being performed to hilarious effect.


joanie at 21:24 on 18 April 2006  Report this post
Hi Mike. I enoyed this; it got me thinking! ... yes, it did!
They have no concept of their meaning,
They lift one foot to scratch their head,
Indulging in their daily preening,
Oblivious to what they’ve said.
I don't know about parrots, but I could think of many humans..!

Write on!


James Graham at 19:14 on 19 April 2006  Report this post
Having read the page that Nell recommended, I'll buy the theory that parrots are smarter than we think. But even if your poem doesn't quite take that into account, I'll buy it too because it's witty - and humour combined with such facility in rhyming is very persuasive. As has been said already - a clever and entertaining poem.


steve_laycock at 21:03 on 20 April 2006  Report this post
I really liked it - don't think it matters whether parrots think too much or not, it entertained me and that's good enough, I reckon!

I really liked the first two verses, thought they were really strong, wasn't too sure on: "For ‘deeper meaning’ they don’t search." cause it sounded a bit like you really wanted to use the 'perch' rhyme.

Other than that, i enjoyed it!

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