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by Esther Frances 

Posted: 24 March 2006
Word Count: 407
Summary: The challenge of the male/female union...

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Undo your cloaks for me
drop them to the ground
donít hide the essence of you
i wish to see it glimmer
Let it shine its light
Let it reach into my chest
and tear my heart out
by the roots
and bleed
just to show
that it can

Let me pull your head
tugging it this way and that
look at it in different lights
At the various contortions
Step inside your mind
Peruse your dimly lit
library stacked with volumes
See your third eye
seeing mine
so I can see
who you really are

Spill out your feelings
varnish my shining table
with your polished tears
until I can bear to hear
no more stories of woe
no more childlike mocking
Now laugh for me
Hysterically eat your
thoughts away
so I can feel
what you feel

Let me examine your soul
move through you like
the energy that makes you
Walk through your veils
Until I reach the horror
Until I see your purpose
and pluck it from you
and examine it closely
with my naked eye
until I see it
slowly disappear

Dissect yourself for me
Show me every severed thought
Take my thoughts too
and lay them on the table
side by side, fears, foes, us
Preserve them in solutions
Juices we can greedily drink
Place them on wooden shelves
Turn each jar
to face the other
and look in wonder

Promise to never wander lust
let my flaws be your precious gems
Acquire the myriad of me
and flaunt it to observers
Lay me in your bed of strings
Woven to hold me there
use force if circumstance
dictates, possess me
wear me
on your sleeve
as a trophy

Dance for me and me alone
A frantic thrusting heel for toe
Fight those shadows in your life
Wrestle them naked to the floor
Breathless look to where I stand
Thumbs up to let them live
Thumbs down to certain death
Carry them to me
on bended knees
behind you I will kneel
to honour you

And when you have completed
every whim and task and test
Only then will you have my muted trust
My melting to you will never give me leave
My secrets will be your secrets
My dreams, my nightmares
all the same are yours
My fears demolished now
My tears in your eyes, yours in mine
My body, mind, soul, yours
Yours mine
Then Iíll be complete

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