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A Sophisticated Arrangement

by Esther Frances 

Posted: 22 March 2006
Word Count: 188
Summary: Reasons not to......

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Content Warning
This piece and/or subsequent comments may contain strong language.

it struck me as a little on the edge
when I first suggested
my non-qualitative

I voiced it quite suddenly
in a sea of voluminous, pink vomit
and before I could halt it
the nonsensical reality
had kicked right in

Numerous, red and raw
too-fancy-for-me words
spilled out
of my garbage-pillar-box mouth
like some tortured broadcast

Like a red-lipped-madam
suddenly I felt very grown up
and I rose on currents
of unpredictable weather streams
that dually sunk in fucking flames

On careful reflection
the reality of that inkling
was as patently flawed
as the basic flaws in me
seeking to destroy buoyancy

Verification of worth
had become a nasty habit
i could see and touch that now
i could feel my way around minds
like some cocky, psychic surgeon

Even then I doubted
the truth of our integrity
my ability to self destruct
I found was unmatched
indeed, unequalled by your own

as for the sophisticated arrangement
that was like having
a spiritual guide
when there is no God
like having a condom
when there is no rhyme or reason
to ever bloody use itů.

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