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One Day Chronicle

by ScribeIt 

Posted: 28 January 2006
Word Count: 266

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One Day Chronicle

I remember the count of the clouds
I am engage with daily
How strong the grip of fate ushers
Speckled possibilities
Ordinary joys
No one knows what the wheel of fortune can bring
My trip down a beautiful marriage 54 golden years
Or the most violet sundown in my twilight walls
Old age knows nothing but lingered time
Sorrow becomes my soul mate
The lines engraved tell of tales on my face
Just like running a race, only itís against myself
Absent from the dreams, Iíll never breathe again
Though I chance upon freedom
In the most foreign of places
At the bottom of my inkwell
My thoughts, my grey doors hold onto
The reach of the song as broken as the record spins
Same melody springs though the lyrics
Chase away sore reflections
Though its been heard thousands of times
Come back your will speaks come back
Donít forget to cart heaven and hell
I always have been afraid to step into tomorrow
But I am so acquainted with the vice of words
Carnal, the sky becomes to bright to ignore
These words hang like the snapshot of today in my hand
As the champagne beads in my glass
Mourn the losses my love cause there are many
But donít forget celebrate the victories cause there are few
Those words my words deign to fluent sheets
Lines of grandchildren, love, quests of my fertile youth
A palace of memories no longer strewn
My day is scribed in brilliance absolute Elysium
Every soul chronicles with a blueprint and this one day is mine.

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