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by Ellenna 

Posted: 11 August 2003
Word Count: 324

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the girl sat cross legged with an absent sort of look
cigarette in one hand and the other on a book
her eyes scanned the waiting room she was early for her train
they all avoided eye contact and huddled from the rain

was she the only person whose life was on the brink
by the simple act of packing after far too much to drink
she'd left the flat in Kilburn after rowing with a guy
a sales rep from Swindon, who always wore a tie

her vision of a better life had brought her down from Chester
but now she was to meet a chap currently in Leicester
he told her she was gorgeous and she'd make it in the mags
she bought a tan and streaked her hair and lived off pills and fags

she cast her mind back to a time when she had worked in Spain
to someone with a perfect smile she'd never see again
he'd treated her with kindness and swore to buy a ring
but then she found he had a wife and girlfriend back in Tring

she stayed a while in sunny Spain and found another fella
he was on the run they say and owned half of Marbella
but one day he just vanished they say he did a bunk
and she flew back to England with a Louis Vuitton trunk

she stubbed out her ciggie and as her ticket fell
she said Im ruining my life I am with blokes who are from hell
I won't go to Leicester instead I'll buy a car
and find myself a little flat and start a nail bar

so she bought herself a Nova from a bloke just down the street
but when she saw his oily rags her heart just skipped a beat
he dropped his spanner and they both knew this was it
and now they're living happily with half a dozen kids

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Comments by other Members

Ioannou at 09:44 on 11 August 2003  Report this post
Really great, Ellie! I will now smile through Monday Morning. I think you're getting the hang of happy endings! Love, Maria.

roger at 10:25 on 11 August 2003  Report this post
Lovely, Ellie.....at last, a poem that I can understand, and that made me smile. If all poems were like this, I could get in to them. Okay, I know you won't marry me, but I still think you're very clever. But you should cut down on the fas a bit...bad for the old chest, you know.


Am I getting old or what? For 'fas' read 'fags'.

Ellenna at 12:45 on 11 August 2003  Report this post
Maria I'm glad you're smiling..and Roger...errr on the strength of your comment y'know I might reconsider...

thank you both very much.:)


poemsgalore at 18:22 on 11 August 2003  Report this post
I like the way this bounces along, you just can't stop reading once you begin. It just goes to show, you can search the world for Mr Right, and all along he lives just down the road. Great stuff Ellie

poemsgalore at 18:23 on 11 August 2003  Report this post
Excellent title too :-)

bluesky3d at 18:51 on 11 August 2003  Report this post
you wrote a whole story in a single poem with more street cred than the storyline of any Chick-lit novel and the title says it all. Sorted!


Andrew :o)


maybe you could get Ray Davies to sing it?

stephanieE at 14:08 on 12 August 2003  Report this post
Ellie, I really like the unpretentiousness of this - and anyone who can rhyme fella with Marbella gets loads of Brownie points with me!

Ellenna at 16:35 on 12 August 2003  Report this post
Kathleen, I am really glad you enjoyed it..I hoped it might make people smile ..:) thank you for your comment


Ellenna at 16:38 on 12 August 2003  Report this post
Andrew, thanks so much:)..blows dust off my little old black book, looks under D...:)


Ellenna at 16:39 on 12 August 2003  Report this post
Stephanie.. thank you ! I was an Elf in the brownies if i recall..

Ellie :)

Nell at 16:54 on 21 August 2003  Report this post
Ellie - love this, it made me smile, and the place names and proper nouns running through make it very clever as well as funny.

Best, Nell.

Ellenna at 00:27 on 22 August 2003  Report this post
Thank you for that Nell..glad it made you smile .. it did me writing it too.. { goodness i had to go back about 5 pages to get to this..so much activity and a flood of uploading today !}..

thanks for reading this :)

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