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A Copy Test

by chelitaannal 

Posted: 08 December 2005
Word Count: 529
Summary: This is an example of a copy writing test that an advertising company may require you to do if you were applpying for a job in their company.

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Copy Test

1) Describe toast to a Martian in 50 words

Toastís a part of our daily life.
It is hard on the outside and soft on the inside.
The texture of toast is hard and scratchy and when you eat it, it tickles the tongue.
You can take it anywhere and can put anything on it. From vegemite to meat.

2) Suppose you have two five pound notes: persuade someone to buy the one on the left.

I have two five pound notes. One in my left hand and one in my right.
So, whatís so special about the one on the left? Well Iíll tell you.
Recently the royal family were concerned that some of the five pound notes being produced werenít actually being printed with the right designs. The Queen went to investigate.
Why am I telling you this? The answer is simple. The five pound in my left hand was personally inspected by the Queen.

3) Assume you have no cash, no car, no credit cards or anything: write an account of how you would spend a day in France.

I would either spend the day sunbathing on the beach or hill walking if the weather permitted.
If the weather was bad I would try and find somewhere under cover and get stuck into a good book.

4) Describe the colour red to a blind person.

It is the feeling of frustration or anger you get when you cannot achieve something.
It is picking up a rabid dog by its ears.
It is the feeling of passion you get when you canít bear to be away from someone you love.
It is the feeling of the hot sun on your face.

5) Create an ad for an indestructible Thermos/indestructible socks/a car that runs on air.

Dropped from Concorde 60, 000 feet and was undamaged when it landed.

Put them on the body and put in crematoria, the socks survived and we even had a pair of legs at the end. (Currently being used as sick bags on Concorde) It is also useful as a contraceptive for elephants.

Just imagine being able to afford a Rolls Royce car that is group one insurance but with a difference. This car runs on air. Itís ecologically friendly and just thinks of all the money youíll save on not buying oil or petrol.

6) Write, in as few words as possible, a notice for a country club to be placed at the entrance to the swimming baths, requesting that squash players shower before using the pool.

Odour toilette is posh; you can splash some on, after youíve had a wash from playing squash.

7) Describe, in as few words as possible, what snow is like to someone who has never seen it.

Snow is cold and white
If youíre not dressed warm itíll give you a fright.

8) Write a poem of any length on any subject- it must not rhyme but it must scan perfectly.

New Rock Boots
Are comfy and warm
Helps protect you against nuclear war
Stick one of these on and you will see
That you will annoy the Americans
Because you survive friendly fire.

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