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Seven Magic Words!

by sammy4krist 

Posted: 24 November 2005
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Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

To some folks, “Life is beautiful” while to another, it is a platform of “thorn and thistles”. What you say reveals your real value. Words are images that paint your picture and your worth. It is the force behind death and life. The springboard of lasting achievements.

“I don’t think, it will work” are words of failures. “I have been working on this project for about a decade now and I am cocksure it will break new ground in technology”, this should your quotes – winner’s mentality.

There was a young boy I read about who had tuberculosis in the old century. Cure for so many diseases were yet to be made. Over 90% of hospitals and health centres adopted the slogan, “We care but God heals”. Old and young drop dead of this killer disease.

The parent of the boy weeps everytime they pay him a visit. Doctors had lost hope; his family and friends were all waiting for his death. Anytime he hears a sob, he looks up to his mother and says, “Mummy stop crying, I will surely overcome this tuberculosis”, and little smile beams on his face. “Dave, I have heard you, I won’t cry anymore”, replied the mother. His father wipes off the tears on the wife’s face. “Will my only son, die like this?” “I can believe my eyes,” said the hopeless father.

All medical diagnosis and prescriptions failed. Specialists were flown in from within and outside the country, but all to no avail. The resident doctor in care of David was preparing for a refresher course. “We really care but it is God that heals, by our medical scrutiny, your son has only 7 days to live, sorry I just have to tell you this”. The mother wept bitterly again.

The resident doctor was alone in his hotel room. “David has defy all medical convictions”, “by now he should pass on to the great beyond but something in him is still keeping him back” said the doctor.

His phone rang, hesitated to pick it but finally did. “Good day, Dr. Lawson, I know you may not believe your ears but I have to tell you this. “Dave is back to life and responding to treatment few hours you left for your trip” relayed the caller – broke the news with happiness and joy. “You don’t mean it, God is wonderful…” replied Dr. Lawson. Inquisitively, “you once told me that God never exist.” retorted the lady (caller) and continued. “Now, you believe he did this for young Dave, right? “ “Yes my dear, I really do now concluded the doctor.

After six weeks of continuous treatment and medications, Dave came back to life and walking round the hospital reception and hallway. “Mummy, I will overcome this tuberculosis” was Dave’s Seven Magic Words.

One forgets words as one forgets names. One's vocabulary needs constant fertilization or it will die. Words are pointer to good or bad. It is the ready made chauffeur that will drive you to your dreams. Things that are seen are temporal but things not seen are eternal. This world is framed with words. Words are powerful tools.

Winners are distinguished by words. To be an effective leader of people, you must be master of words. It is the key to unlock your world of greatness. It will definitely accomplish your mission.

Right now, in absolute belief and faith. Say this to yourself, “whatever or wherever I am now, I am moving higher”, “This is not the best I can achieve, I am going higher”. I am born a billionaire, poverty is not my partner in business”.

Create your powerful magic words today. Write them boldly and paste it on your door where you will see it as you are getting out of bed and retiring to bed at night. Before long, that sentence will grow wing, form its own shape and become a reality.

Take action now! Write what you want as quotes in BIG LETTERS read it every morning and night and it will become a reality!

“Words as is well known, are great foes of reality”.



© Olorunda Samuel. All rights reserved worldwide.


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Comments by other Members

ShayBoston at 14:28 on 25 November 2005  Report this post
What utter tosh.

I only counted six… of the magic words. 'Mummy, I will overcome this tuberculosis'. But then again there are words missing throughout. Strange, considering you believe them to be ‘the most powerful drug used by mankind’ that you omit so many.

I’m not sure how this is fictional. It reads like a lecture with a corny anecdote.

As for your faith-healing, well I think it just exploits the weak. There must be enough susceptible souls on your blogs who swallow this nonsense without thrusting it on us.

I also think your username says more than this piece and frankly it disturbs me.

Gulliver at 09:32 on 26 November 2005  Report this post
In old money, this kind of thing used to be known as Neuro-Lingusitic Programming. Back in the 90's I did a course with an NLP practitioner (it's a long story), and heard exactly the same kind of stuff. Basically, if you keep giving yourself positive messages then you'll feel positive about yourself. I suppose so. But as to curing diseases...no amount of positive thinking is going to cure terminal cancer or AIDS. Would that it could? If only the Western World could think positively about Third World poverty and, hey presto, we have an equitable distribution of the earth's resources. Without wanting to get too religious, Jesus of Nazareth, said that we will always have the poor with us. If the Son of God healed the world through crucifixion then mere words will never be enough. It's actions that count.

long`n`short at 13:35 on 07 December 2005  Report this post
I hate messages preaching 'positive thinking'. There is no tangible proof that positive thinking has any positive effect on the immune system (apparently, the 'disappointment effect' that positive thinking is prone to has quite the opposite).

The key is to avoid mental states which are debilitating to the immune system, like depression etc.

Oh, and you might want to consider proof-reading the sermons before it is delivered.

Anna Reynolds at 16:18 on 07 December 2005  Report this post
Raegardless of what you think/feel about the message or the content of somebody's work, please can we all remember that comments should be as constructive as possible? as the guidelines clearly state, we want the site to be a positive experience for all users....

long`n`short at 09:08 on 08 December 2005  Report this post
Sorry Anna. I'll try and be more helpful, but after reading, I felt obliged to comment, and I couldn't be more constructive without coming across like a GCSE English teacher...

That's not a very helpful comment either... Better move on.

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