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The Bright Side of the Tree

by blindboybutler 

Posted: 08 November 2005
Word Count: 269
Summary: A new song of mine. Part of a new series of romantic songs.

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Some like leaves that have fallen
Some like moles in the ground
Some like the noontide sparrows
Because they donít make a sound

Some like a face thatís painted
Some like eyes that shine
Some like nails that are deadly
To scratch away the time

But none of this matters
Donít mater to me
For you are like an apple
From the bright side of the tree

Some like a running river
Different but the same
With waters that remind how
Life is just a game

Others like the mountains
For a lifetime they climb
When they reach the top
They see whatís left behind

Which one are you?
Which one am I?
Are you a boat on the river?
Or a sparrow flying high?

Some find it the morning
In the dew that reflects the sky
Some find it under moonlight
When the light can trick the eye

I was walking through the forest
When it called out to me
Like an apple you had fallen
From the bright side of the tree

Like a Willow the wisp
You lay above the leaves
The tree was bright and beautiful
And it gave you to the breeze

Some have a bird that whistles
Some have a dog that sings
And some have a cat that will tell them
That they donít mean a thing

But my bird flew the nest
And my dog it ran away
And my cat hasnít spoken
Since she turned old and grey

But if she did speak
Then she would agree
That itís a lucky man who finds his apples
Fallen from the tree

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