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A Holiday in Iraq

by bassfiend 

Posted: 13 March 2003
Word Count: 167
Summary: polemic poem

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Johnny didn't want a 'Holiday in the sun'.
George and sidekick Blair just wanna have fun.
Sign up with Bush Airlines - go with a bang.
A holiday in Iraq's just the ticket.

Flying from Turkey, or the 'Ark Royal',
Load up with 'Gung-Ho', there's a country to spoil.
But that Saddam Hussein he's a terrible host.
A holiday in Iraq's just the ticket.

You'd better hurry this package it just won't last.
The Spanish have all signed up. It'll be a blast.
For Liberty, Justice and all the oil you can steal
A holiday in Iraq's just the ticket.

A president without policies, honour or brains.
A cute English lap-dog who's government's inane,
To save their jobs via other peoples lives.
A holiday in Iraq's just the ticket.

There's Georgie, Conni, special Co-lin.
Our own little Tony. "Justice and right shall win."
Hypocrites, thieves, bullies, zealots insane.
A holiday in Iraq's just their ticket.

To tear down a tyrant for a puppet regime,
But this is about oil and George W's dreams,
But who has the right to launch war in the East?
Well that's just George W's ticket.

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Comments by other Members

Anna Reynolds at 16:45 on 14 March 2003  Report this post
Great to see a poet writing in response to world events and in an angry, satirical and succinct way. I wondered where all the angry writers were these days-- maybe it's hard to write when events are changing day by day and emotions running high, but let's see more like this.

poemsgalore at 19:03 on 09 July 2003  Report this post
Having just read Angry Heart, I had to come and look at this too. What a brilliant protest song this would make, takes me back to days in the 60s, Bob Dylan et al eat your hearts out.

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