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A patriotic panther

by eanna 

Posted: 24 October 2005
Word Count: 115
Summary: Ireland may be a Caltic tiger - but there are other animals making the real decisions.

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A patriotic panther

A patriotic panther, was lost amongst the hills
He knew he lived there somewhere
His eyes were playing tricks

The pigeons and the foxes were managing around
Caring nothing for his territory
Peeing on his ground

A younger panther joined them and yowled in joyous mirth
The patriotic panther
Disgusted at the dirt

Oh the days when panthers prowled and rested where they will
The foxes meek, the pigeons weak
The profits and the bills

These modern times are restless the scamperers have know
The pantherís power whisked away
And banished to the snow

The patriotic panther hangs on his party line
The difference in decades gone
The liberalís design

So there

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Comments by other Members

Beanie Baby at 11:22 on 14 November 2005  Report this post
Hi Eanna,
this is very clever political satire - and it made me smile. I was just a tad worried with 'hills' and 'tricks'in the first stanza because the rhyme is not quite there and it definitely reads like a rhyming poem right from the off. It almost has a Lewis Carroll feel to it as in 'Fury said to a mouse that he met in a house, come let us both go to the law ...' and this kind of satire often carries the strongest messages. Well written little piece.

Account Closed at 11:32 on 25 November 2005  Report this post
And great use of rhythm too - almost worth having a picture to go with it! I wasn't sure what was meant by "scamperers have know" however - is it a typo??

Enjoyed this!



Barlow at 08:34 on 30 November 2005  Report this post
Hi Eanna,

This made me smile!

I agree with HollyB about the rhythm, but have to admit I don't know what a scamperer is either - please could you enlighten us?

Best wishes,


eanna at 12:49 on 07 December 2005  Report this post

Thanks a million for your comments - The scamperers are the businessmen, they have the know how (a bit of license taken i feel)

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