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Floyd and Office Life

by optiplex 

Posted: 24 October 2005
Word Count: 125
Summary: Another dodgy day of observation in the office! :-)

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Reading mail, listening to Floyd on MP3
I lift my head up and look around
And notice that all the people are -

Subscribed to unhappiness
All in their cube’s
A soulless place

Trying to work,
Trying to concentrate,
Really trying – not really…

Little men & women all huddled up.
All in their respective offices
Like goldfish in their tanks.

Is this really how it should be?
Smashing into keyboards
Glaring intently at glass monitors

Another global e-mail arrives,
Suddenly in a scurry of action
They all congregate and interact

Glee and happiness
At another’s downfall
I’ve outlasted another as they strut around

Then, the mail flurry over
They walk back into their glass tanks
Back to their screens and keyboards to start again

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Comments by other Members

Cornelia at 16:56 on 24 October 2005  Report this post
A, easy-to-read poem that reminded me of Pete Seager's 'Little Boxes'. It's a shame that these cubicled spaces make people seem like automatons, but I suppose Marx would say that's Capitalism for you!

It seems the narrator's point of view is from above. Is he the boss, or is he 'little' too? It does rather beg the question.

One bit where I think there's a mistake: cube's should be cubes if it's meant as a plural.

My other immediate reaction was how nice to be able to work and listen to pop music at the same time. With teaching, you have to keep your wits about you.


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