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A Cry from Beyond

by Dark One 

Posted: 23 July 2003
Word Count: 167
Summary: Feedback please

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A Silent Cry from Beyond

I lie here in my enclosed cell
I am sleeping
The constant tread of people’s feet
The tired cry of people’s weep
These will not awake me
My slumber is deep
And my cell is dark
No light ever ventures here

I lie here in my enclosed cell
I am dreaming
Dreaming of the life I once lived
The time I wasted on triviality
This does not trouble me
My slumber is peaceful
And my cell is dank
No air flows through here

I lie here in my enclosed cell
I am waiting
Waiting for the beginning
Of what some think is the end
This does not enlighten me
My slumber is distant
And my cell is cold
No heat ever reaches here

I lie here in my enclosed cell
I am crying
Crying for people forgotten
Cells that are now looked over
This does not disturb me
My slumber is obtuse
And my cell is detached
No one ever visits here

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Comments by other Members

Shadowgirl at 15:59 on 23 July 2003  Report this post
Hi Tom,

Only have a few moments, but the title of this caught my attention and I had to read. Will look at your other poems tonight.

Cell? You have done it again - a simple 4 letter word, which can be exactly as it seems, but for me cell was wider....for cell read life and trapped in a relationship or situation where you are just existing rather than living - looking back because there is no forwward: or maybe hospital bed as life is drawing to a close: or maybe sitting at the computer and dreaming of what could be/what may never be? It could even be an animal in a cage.

Although it has such a sadness and an loneliness about it, in some ways it is comforting - the feelings captured within the lines are maybe ones at some time we all could or will feel.

Tom - this is magnificent. I think we could all draw our own conclusions. I don't wish to spoil anyone else's interpretation by asking you to share yours publically just yet, but I would love to know yours. If you get a chance, email and let me know what YOUR feelings were - thanks!!

Is this not competition material? I think so...

love Carole

ps....I can hear this as lyrics at 1am in a sleeply little jazz club with no one left the listen but the staff, while the musician pours out his heart and soul! If only I were musical, I would write a melody for you (thankfully I'm not).

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