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The Bid for Freedom

by Ellenna 

Posted: 22 July 2003
Word Count: 305
Summary: fourth part of writing exercise

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I became aware of the billowing muslin across the french window as I slowly opened my eyes. Listening to sounds of Saturday filtering  upwards, I stretched across the width of the bed that so solidly held me. No movement. This bed  for over two hundred years  had cradled and supported countless liasons and virgin nights, beginnings and releases from life and it now held me. I stroked the wonderful oak carving and touched the pale silk but this morning was different.

Last night I had flown.. as drowsy sleep had overtaken me and pervaded my senses I was aware of hovering in a wonderful expanse. The sense of freedom was exquisite and I could go at will to any place.

The sky was aflame just at the point before it dips into the horizon and shrouds everything in the mantle of night. Skeins of smokey purple and turquoise highlighted the impending darkness. As I turned I looked down and saw myself, peaceful in sleep,but somehow so weighted and so grounded, I wished I could release my body and become united with the spirit that I felt now and the lightness and ease of my thoughts and movements as I travelled in a world without restraint. A terrible sadness crept over me So many years of being held captive by the past. This grief turned into a strong resolve and as I looked once more at my sleeping frame i vowed to set myself free.

So this morning would be different. As I drank my coffee I decided to make a list of things to be done. One was to phone an auction house and another was to take a trip to Ikea.

The sense of holding onto the past had been expunged and as I peeled back my sun roof so I was welcoming freedom.

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Comments by other Members

LONGJON at 09:48 on 23 July 2003  Report this post

Well done, a lovely sense of revealing and breaking free. I love the image of the sunroof opening like a shutter on a new world.

John P.

Anna Reynolds at 16:26 on 24 July 2003  Report this post
Ellenna, the sense of history here held/imprisoned in the bed is very strong. And in a short story length you've managed to capture a moment of decision, while alluding to many details of the past/bigger story and given us some evocative images to boot. I like the contrast of the slightly whimsical flying images and the very pragmatic 'take a trip to Ikea.' And there's a question from me which is; if the bed goes to an auction house, will whoever buys it inherit some of those memories, however unconsciously? there's something both creepy and oddly fascinating about this idea of a bed that belonged to someone else- but of course this bed is old, it knows many things/secrets. Fab.

Ellenna at 17:25 on 24 July 2003  Report this post
Anna thank you sooo much! I agonised over this ...I can now breathe a sigh of relief..

I am actually still lumbered with the bed. it just shows you how careful you have to be about wishing for something!.. heirlooms doh!! Yes an interesting thought maybe i could expand one day and make a whole story about it . Thank you Anna for your comments , they are invaluable.

Ellenna at 19:36 on 24 July 2003  Report this post
John ( sorry i spelt it Jon) on your poem . Thank you for the first comment..that was when i let out my first breath. :)


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