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The Journey

by Dark One 

Posted: 22 July 2003
Word Count: 161
Summary: Another reflection on life

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The journey

On the day my journey begun
I was sheltered, protected and warm
Now as I wander aimless through
Uncharted nameless paths
Unexplored endless places
I realise that who I am now
Is who I was then
And that my journey is nearly complete
I realise that where I have been
Is where I have come from
And that on my journey I have missed much
All the wondrous sights Iíve blindly passed
All the people ignored and put to one side
I realise I have wasted much of my time
And now my journey is ending
While mind is just waking up
I started off walking taking everything in
But soon my stride grew wide
And the world started to flash on by
My mind went to sleep
To help past the time
Now I lay down to rest
Too soon, Too soon
The journey seems short but the path was long
Though as one journey ends
Another begins

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Comments by other Members

Shadowgirl at 14:11 on 22 July 2003  Report this post
Ahh....life. The thing you write of so well. Birth, death - reincarnation too perhaps? WOW - so profound. Not only do you pose the most important questions, but you answer them here (for me at least). Goodness, all the things which do pass as by because we forget to "stop and smell the roses" - you make me not just want to live, but to FEEL AND EXPERIENCE before it is too late. Yet I did not find it depressing, no - more uplifting - there is hope for us all, maybe it isn't too late, one day we will have the answers we crave - maybe we will even get another chance at this thing called life!!!

Oh WOW (sorry) - OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Gobsmacked by your work - I realise I may be coming across as a complete nutter here (don't answer that). But honestly, I am usually quite sane and sensible, it is YOUR words, and the depth of the feeling behind them, which have inspired these emotions in me today!!

I am not sure when I was last touched more.....

Again - thank you....gulp.......


poemsgalore at 19:12 on 22 July 2003  Report this post
Everything comes full circle, and what have we gained in the meantime? I love the way you repeat "Too soon, Too soon" It's like a cry of despair. Wonderful stuff.

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