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MI5 Agent Falls for terrorist

by mark2123 

Posted: 17 July 2005
Word Count: 116
Summary: John, an MI5 operative, comes across an interesting woman on the train. She intrigues him and he wants to know more.

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I have never written a thing in my life, haven't read about how to start, but something came into my head and I wanted to give it a go. My story will be about a chance meeting between an MI5 operative an someone involved with terrorism. The story progresses towards a plot to blow up a plane and how the MI5 operative falls for a female linked to the plot which is unknown to him at the time.

i've only written chapter 1 but would love some feedback, more on the story and its interest that about how much editting it requires - I'm just writing it as it comes to me for now.



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Comments by other Members

paul53 [for I am he] at 15:14 on 27 July 2005  Report this post
If you read a great deal and a great variety, you have probably subconsciously picked up the main points. There will still be minor errors to address, but do not let that put you off submitting your work.
If you are serious about your writing, then join a group and become comfortable with them.
If it works as a part-member, you can paste your opening chapter into a WW Mail letter to me and I will give it an honest opinion. Feel free to check out my Profile page first by clicking on my user name.
paul53[for I am he]

Plagious at 18:07 on 11 August 2006  Report this post
Hi Mark. Just come across this in random read. Perhaps a genre not touched upon much since the end of the Cold War (excellently handled, for example, by the likes of John Le Carre). However, in current climate, do think the concept in very poor taste. P

tiger_bright at 16:45 on 11 December 2007  Report this post
For what it's worth I don't think taste comes into it. Or, if it does, it shouldn't be the driving force behind a decision like this. If writers only wrote what was 'tasteful', the literary world would be a poorer place, plus who exactly determines what 'taste' is, at any given time?

If you watch Spooks on the BBC, Mark, you will know this is pretty much still a story being told, in different ways, Cold War or no Cold War. One thing I will say is that you need a lot of contacts and/or a HECK of a lot of research to pull off convincing stories about the security services. Especially when the likes of Stella Rimmington are writing them.



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