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Live 8 Pri-Madonnas

by Zettel 

Posted: 03 July 2005
Word Count: 279
Summary: Haven't posted to the group for a while. Thought a letter to the press might suffice. It's a good discipline and you get a very professional judgement. I doubt this one will get through in the mass of Live 8 letters.

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Live 8

Poor old Cap’n Bob. Having repelled all hostile Live 8 boarders for weeks he finally gets screwed on deck in full view of 3 billion people by the shameless cynicism of the pri-Madonna herself. The dollar-hearted, granite-souled Ms Ciccone hijacked the most touching moment of the day by leeching on to the courageous young woman who survived the dreadful circumstances pictured in Live Aid 1985. Even this shameful self-serving crassness could not tarnish the regal dignity and ethereal beauty of this fine young African, totally bemused at being clasped to the bosom of a new devoted friend she’d never met. That this over-indulged diva was then involved in a cringingly sychophantic BBC interview was almost as unforgiveable as the chicken-hearted post-Iraq BBC pulling the G8 film. Good job Beeb, shame about the spine. John Peel, where are you now we need you?

At least Mariah Carey’s ‘tart’ among the angels act was amusing in a faintly surreal kind of way. And even this cash crop product promoting her get-it-as-soon-as-you-can latest record could not touch the breathtaking innocence and dignified charm of the African childrens’ choir who gave her delightful, if totally undeserved vocal support.

You must hate the ‘Saint’ tag Mr G but honestly, having to deal with prima donna’s like these two singing Haliburton’s, must take patience and guts of clearly saintly proportions.

Good job Bob: keep it up till Thursday. And don’t worry about not getting the British yachtsmen or the French on board: we could have told you that was about as likely as peeling stripes off a zebra. Or the Gleneagles members not moaning about missing their bloody golf.


Keith Farman

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Comments by other Members

James Graham at 19:20 on 05 July 2005  Report this post
Madonna's exhibition was the only bit I saw, the bit whatever TV news I happened to watch chose to show. Your broadside is right on target. Her cynicism is breathtaking. Glad I missed the BBC interview. A good strong letter - though I think maybe everything after 'Thursday' is unnecessary. Your 'Good job, Bob: keep it up till Thursday' is a good punch line.


Zettel at 01:33 on 06 July 2005  Report this post
Thanks James.

At the end of their set, Cold Play introduced the 'politically' motivated film directed at the G8 participants with the remark - "If the BBC don't show this film, then they are failing in their duty as public broadcasters" Just so: and I find their failure to show it, and worse, to even acknowledge or justify their decision, very disturbing.

Among his many profoundly anti-democratic actions, Mr Blair's systematic campaign against the BBC, orchestrated by rottweiler Campbell, is long-term, the most serious, and has been almost totally successful. The BeeB are running scared and have a DG who does not even run the corporation as the politically naive Michael Grade has already misunderstood and is sytematically abusing his limited powers as Chairman under the BBC Charter . And this after the most grovelling sychophantic apology in the post-Iraq controversy, in which virtually everything the BBC claimed was true.

If you heard this morning's Radio 4 interview with our dismissed and systematically villified ex-Ambassador to Uzbeckistan(?), Mr Murray, I am sure that like me, you would feel we are led by morally bankrupt politicians and Foreign Office officials (worth a listen on-line). This story is an utter disgrace worthy of a totalitarian regime. It amounts to a conspiracy to sanction torture by third parties kin pursuit of so-called 'intelligence' (sic) about terrorists. It is now impossible to imagine, how venal, dishonest and dishonourable our government's behaviour would have to be to attract the level of public outrage they deserve.

These people will do anything to retain power and re-inforce it.

Enough - I'm getting angrier and angrier.

Thanks for the comment.



Nik Perring at 03:02 on 06 July 2005  Report this post

You're SO right. Shameless were certain acts, including, WE WANT TO BE U2, Coldplay, even though we've only released 3 albums and have no credibilty by comparison. Grr! It's such a shame something so worth while and organised for such a great cause gets eclipsed and hi-jacked by egos in need of album sales and cheap publicity points.

Great idea and sentiment, Sir Bob, you should have just left some of the egos out of it. They don't care!


Zettel at 00:02 on 07 July 2005  Report this post

You can't get so many people involved in such an event without coming across the same percentage of self-serving, self-centredness as you would with any group of people - let alone those whose job is being larger than life. There were good things on display: whatever you think of their respective music, I'd pick out the Stereophonics, Sting, and Floyd: turn up; good, committed set; thank you and of. Professional. Dignified. No bullshit.

My goodwill can cope with U2 (and Bono has had some political effect) and Cold Play - I just thought the two tarts with no hearts were unforgiveable.



Nik Perring at 01:51 on 07 July 2005  Report this post

I wasn't actually sniping at Bono or U2. I think that they were, as the always are, thoroughly porfessional and had oodles of integrety. Bono, love him or hate him, is a fantastic rock star and genuinely wants to change things for the better, and HAS done! Tons of respect for him.

There were many, many good acts who I think took part with the best of intentions, u2, Sir Paul, Elton John, the Kaiser Chiefs, Sting, Floyd - most of them in fact. there were just some who were not there for any other reason than for themselves. The ones you mentioned in particular, but Coldplay and a few others included, and that's whatleaves a beitter taste in my mouth. It was NOT a promo, nor an opportunity for bands to generate more record sales (which, if they do, many have said the proceeds will go to the cause), it was for Africa. Nothing else. And I think that if any of the bands/artists didn't believe or be humble enough to accept that then they shoudn't have bothered to turn up.

Okay, rant over now.

Nik, who is, despite appearances, generally quite a happy chappy! ;)

Zettel at 20:48 on 08 July 2005  Report this post
Nik - I agree

Has anyone seen anything in the press about BBC's decision not to show the G8 film after Cold Play?

Pretty chicken it seens to me.


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