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What to do

by Sol 

Posted: 12 June 2005
Word Count: 209
Summary: Ever felt like you don't really fit?

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What to do?

I feel so out of place sometimes
Like I donít really fit,
As if this place I exist in
Just, canít really, be it.

I know one day I wonít be here,
Which scares me to the soul,
But I want to make life worthwhile
Find the purpose to this role

Iím not saying I know where Iíll go
Or whether Iíll exist at all,
But if I only have this one life
I will try so hard not to fall

I join in with conversations
About politics or daily life
Itís how you manage to get by
Being accepted into other peopleís lives

I donít find somethingís funny,
But I laugh nonetheless
I listen to other peopleís problems
Even though I couldnít really care less

I know itís hard to imagine
That thoughts differ from actions,
But what goes on up hereÖ
Is shown only by a fraction

I do not know my full potential
It is impossible to find that out
There are to many things to do
So much I want to know about

So what I will achieve in life
Will be a surprise to me
I just hope I am not forgotten
A lost memory I do not want to be.

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Comments by other Members

The Walrus at 20:40 on 15 June 2005  Report this post
An astonishingly piece. In answer to your question, I think yes... for some people. For me, this poem shows intelligence and frustration, frustration with the requirements of everyday living and the 'feeling/sensation' of something beyond/more.

An uncontrived and direct piece of work.


Sol at 12:04 on 16 June 2005  Report this post
Thank you very much Christina, very kind words. I am glad that you understood and connected with the message that this poem was trying to bring across, it means a lot to me.
Thanks again

joolsk at 17:06 on 23 June 2005  Report this post
Hey Sol,

I loved the rhythm of your poem and the theme. Just one line jarred for me and made my eyes trip up:

"Just, canít really, be it."

The punctionation could be removed totally to make it scan better.

But apart from that tiny little thing, I thought it was delightful!


Sol at 17:24 on 23 June 2005  Report this post
Thank you very much for your review, I shall make those changes. Normally I write how I speak and I guess that sometimes it doesn't really work, I completely agree with your satement though - thanks for pointing it out to me!

Thanks again


Sol at 17:26 on 23 June 2005  Report this post
Well, it turns out I can't because I'm not a full member, but I want every one to know that I really wanted to, and that's how it should be! Whoops!

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