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Adieu by Plagious Word Count: 245

Trying to capture mood, loss, noise and squalor in three settings. Not sure if it works. 
21 Aug 2005

Chistiye - A Moment by Plagious Word Count: 858

A little "Cold-War" or totalitarian short story. Perhaps too dated? 
6 Sep 2005

Daroch I by Plagious Word Count: 116

Following from the metaphysical "Okula", looking to make this an anthropomorphic follow on.  
1 Sep 2005

Diversity by Plagious Word Count: 77

Looking for work, with apologies to TS Eliot's, The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock . . . and maybe Dr Seuss! 
29 Jun 2009

Emblem by Plagious Word Count: 21

First draft. Comments welcome. 
26 Jun 2006

No Clue by Plagious Word Count: 59

Etiquette on the Tube 
21 Dec 2005

Okula by Plagious Word Count: 157

An early metaphysical dabble. 
19 Aug 2005

Reptilian Chemicals by Plagious Word Count: 340

A recent scientific analysis (Sunday Times. 12 February 2006) reported that “Romantic Love” was no more than a release of chemicals from the cortex, the reptilian brain connecting directly with the limbic system. Of course . . . it all makes sense . . . not! 
3 May 2006

Triangle by Plagious Word Count: 353

The end of an affair. A blend of emotive, physical and discarnate. The “cold turkey” of the separation expressed in terms of hypothermia; a flashback to more intimate times; finally, the hollowness inside and spiritual bereavement. The loss of the self, unable to find emotional solace or the understanding of “why”?  
10 Nov 2005

Web Seduction by Plagious Word Count: 54

Previously, "Anniversary" for 10th October. Second draft.  
10 Oct 2006

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