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Divine intervention by Practicer Word Count: 589

For the Judgement flash fiction challenge. 
13 Nov 2019

Flip the lid by Practicer Word Count: 964

For the X challenge 
5 Feb 2020

How much for halloween in the window by Practicer Word Count: 30

For the trick or treat challenge 
28 Oct 2019

Leaflets by Practicer Word Count: 648

For challenge 726 
13 Feb 2020

News on fire by Practicer Word Count: 94

For the take flight challenge 
22 Oct 2019

Over the bridge by Practicer Word Count: 501

For the writing of something scary challenge. 
23 Oct 2020

Pendulum of rain by Practicer Word Count: 78

Written for the flash poetry challenge using the words, pendulum, comfort, survival, flower, porous, and poppy. 
12 Oct 2019

Ripples of consciousness by Practicer Word Count: 806

The frustration of a physical disability. A story of grief 
28 Sep 2019

Scooping almonds by Practicer Word Count: 142

This poem was formed from a writing challenge for a poetry course exam. I had to select a random word from a dictionary. The random word was almond. 
6 Oct 2019

The book case by Practicer Word Count: 912

For the autumn event challenge. It is a detective story, sort of. 
1 Sep 2020

The eight serpent ring by Practicer Word Count: 988

For the challenge involving an eight. 
12 Oct 2020

The mop spillover by Practicer Word Count: 757

This piece is inspired by the psychedelic and surreal genre, of which I have read from recently. It is also based upon very exaggerated personal experience. 
2 Nov 2019

Tongue twister by Practicer Word Count: 100

A drabble based upon learning a language that is in my family and time spent in Germany many years ago 
14 Dec 2019

Trauma canteen by Practicer Word Count: 926

For the bread crumbs challenge 
19 Sep 2020

Violet vowels by Practicer Word Count: 38

for the 474 challenge 
5 Nov 2019

Yes Re drafted; New title Tongue twister by Practicer Word Count: 200

I felt like writing a drabble or micro fiction piece, as it is more of an anecdote than a plot. However, this anecdote eventually inspired me to study my Fathers Mother tongue. I found the re draft incredibly difficult. It almost feels like a limerick. 
16 Oct 2019

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