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Name louis phillips
User Name lethe222
Birthday 02/04/1970
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Location Australia
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Profile im an aussie/brit...of long standing... ex pat isnt quite right...but i don`t think nationality matters much these days anyway...aside from the language barrier, [and there`s always signing...] im coming home to the mother...not something i would have bothered with in the past...but i cant think of anywhere more exciting at the moment...i write..quite a lot...louis

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 people are melting so...its easy to slip on words...something im particularly good at...and blogs have never attracted me before...so protentious...are they not..assuming anyone would want to hear what youve got to say...[if you havent made contact in a personal sense] ...
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Hester by lethe222 Word Count: 1126
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this is a snippet from a book im writing...the style evolves daily...im not happy with the tone even now and ive written half of the intended pages...any feedback gratfully accepted... 
1 Feb 2009

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