John Sermon  

Hello my name's John and I'm looking to improve on my writing style through this website.

I started writing after taking a film studies at college about nine years ago. One of the tasks which really ignited my story telling ambitions was creating a character from scratch. I had to come up with everything about this one character which I had never done before. I enjoyed this part and started to create more characters and their story's and its continued like this ever since.

I've not had anything published yet as this is a hobby of mine which I've only started to take seriously over the two years.

I love to write fantasy stories because there aren't many, if any, boundaries when doing this. The freedom I get from this allows my creative juices to flow. I try not to go too nuts with it but I do note down everything I think of in case it can be used in some form for any story I write.

I'm this website will give me some tips for the future. I'll keep writing all my life regardless but I am a bit biased when it comes to criticising my own work.