L. A. Jones  

Welcome to my home page!

I'm a freelance writer living and working out of Montana. My areas of "expertise" (or practice) are children's poetry, short stories of "speculative fiction", societal satire, harrowing travel tales, and work on two novels: one, a cross-genre experiment, and the other, a nonfiction perspective of WWII geared toward a generation that, frighteningly, knows nothing about it(mine).
My interests span from nonfiction (mostly historical mysteries and alternate accounts of history) to wildly imaginative stories and hypotheses.
I am in the process of augmenting my short portfolio; though I have been writing for my entire life, I've kept it mostly private.
My work has appeared in a small, local newspaper and in a short anthology of essays. I have won a few local contests. I've performed my poetry before an audience of 500, and have written and acted out two pieces on a competition circuit. I have worked as a part-time journalist, a movie reviewer, and I dabble in photography to go along with my articles. I am bilingual, so I have translated written pieces into spanish. I have traveled extensively through Western Europe, Central America, and I have visited a few countries in the Middle East because I believe in an educated world view.