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Where I Want To Be

by  Boo

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2003
Word Count: 84
Summary: Describe A fantasy bed in under 100 words.Mine came out more like a poem hope you enjoy it.I did not write it as a poem so forgive the stanzas etc..Just thought I'd try it like this.

A canopy of stars induces me to gaze,
As white muslin billows in the gentle breeze
Fireflies dance illuminating life,
Dreams are sweet and life is full.

Cool,crisp cotton sheets smell of innocence,
How I love the warm woollen fleece
Inviting me to ponder,as I wonder
At the Glade in which I recline

A rhapsody in green with carpets of blue.
Bobbing heads swaying along a wave of truth.
The song of summer,so eloquent,confident and sure.
This is the place I want to be.