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by  psyc0darkdrag0n

Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Word Count: 126

My obscure reality hits me from behind
As my fantasy; destroyed, lingers in my mind
Then my reality
Destroys my mentality
Leaving me broken and bruiséd
With memories so decrepit
That I can't choose
Which ones to keep or lose
An everlasting gale
Untold in any tale
In which I cant escape
Without a plan encloaked with a cape
Then one night I began thinking
And linking
All my depressing thoughts unspoken
Deserve a bust to keep unbroken
Then I began to ponder
In all this earth's wonders
As a jolly
Turns into a folley
Just as the sun fades
Upon the suttle calm glades
As I lay thee down to stay
My body abandoned by my soul delays
Decays and wastes away
Desolated I suffocate.