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by  Ambitions of Lisa

Posted: Sunday, March 27, 2005
Word Count: 153
Summary: Fictional poem about adultery.

So seductive with his ardent gaze,
Eyes burning into me with passion ablaze,
Chemistry strong, submission so wrong,
I weaken at his touch, craving so much,

Resistance is futile, Iím under his spell,
He is my heaven, he knows me so well,
Erotic grind, I lose my mind,
I feel his power, itís the midnight hour,

From fantasy to reality he came,
My desire so vocal Iím calling his name,
I donít want to let go, it was so hard to say no,
Iíd committed adulterous sin, nobody could win,

Mind-blowing encounters, demolish my guilt,
A relationship of delicious lust we built,
He kisses me and holds me, against him firm,
Its no longer a game, I want him long term,

My sweet lover and a hotel room,
I escape to him from lifeís daily gloom,
Is the grass greener? Or am I a dreamer?
Shameful is my voice, it is my choice