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All I can do

by  Jibunnessa

Posted: Friday, February 21, 2003
Word Count: 128

All I can do
Is look at you
From a distance
What I really want
Is to touch you
And the palm of your hand
With the palm of mine.

All I can say
Is nothing
And hope you hadn’t noticed the vulnerability in my shoulders.
What I really want
Is to say “I love you!”

All I can feel
Is the wind against my face
When really
What I yearn
Is the warmth of your gaze
With images of tenderness
Towards me.

And as I am not cold
But a less obvious silence
An invisible jelly
Solidifies around me

And all I can do
Is reject
The burning passions
I hide
Let you
Slip away
Without noticing
The warmth
Under my skin.

And all I can say
Is nothing
As things just fade away.

---Jib, 8.06 am, 21 Feb 03, still lying in bed encased in my duvet, these words started to float through my mind.