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Distant Voice

by  Carlton

Posted: Saturday, November 27, 2004
Word Count: 124

Soft away, you part and once again
I am left, fond memories, sweet velvet tones
in the words you spoke, resounding in my head.

What hope then this strange romance
this distant courtship for your love;
These effusive encounters leave me yearning
for the sight of you, longing for your touch.

I remember the gentle brush of your hand upon my lips
and thoughtful gaze as you softly stroke my neck;
Some emotive kaleidoscope of passion
as we press the purest essence of that last embrace.

Strength then stout heart and keep alive these hopes and dreams,
resist the waning thought with each passing beat;
Now lock away in that repository of love
the voice, the look, the picture, sweet image that is you.