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by  youngskywalker

Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Word Count: 122
Summary: This poem is dedicated to a dear friend who inspired me to start writing earlier this year. This is definitely for you Poppy, Tuppence, Sorceress, Gilly you are very special to me.Thank You xxx.


I could hear the church bells starting to chime,
as you sent to me colourful pages of rhyme.
With fragrant words, to break down defences,
and awaken all of the sleeping senses.
Of a mind so closed, shut tight,
allowing not one spark of light,
neither in, nor out to escape
from within its ghostly, sullen shape.

To allow my darkened eyes to see,
and my silent ear, to hear, the verses speaking out to me.
To un-shackle thoughts that were draped in chains,
and the tethered restraints,
that held me in my tortured hell.
Until from the sky, your poppy petals fell,
to release the anguished spirits within me,
and once more set my heart and soul free.

Bryan x