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Looking For Love

by  Starlight_Heart

Posted: Saturday, October 16, 2004
Word Count: 137
Summary: What Does A Single Person Do When The Person They Love Does Not Love Them?

Looking For Love

I looked towards his eyes
Searching for a sign
That maybe for once in my life
This was my time
The heavens was open above
Birds serenading the two lovers
But yet he showed no sign

I looked towards his eyes
Wanting to believe he felt about me
What I felt about him
But as the darkness slowly surrounded me
The heavens closed its doors and
Birds emitted shrieks of pain
And my heart crashed with an almighty thunder
To the floor

I looked towards his eyes
Realising my time had disappeared
I faded away and another pretty girl was in my place
He did all the things he did to me
It has been a long time
Since that fatal moment and
Yet my heart cannot
Will not love again