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The Star Thief

by  DerekH

Posted: Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Word Count: 147
Summary: For this weeks word challenge "enchanted". I didn't have much time so it's a bit of a silly one...

The Star Thief

We are bound for grandfather’s cottage, far away in the northeast of this land. We began our journey when the sun was high. Now the sun is gone, and we travel under a blanket sky of deepest blue. This dreaming sky frightens me. No stars hang in the heavens. How can this be so?

Ahead I spy the answer; the glowing citadel. Its myriad towers loom, encrusted with stars; sparkling flowers stolen from god’s celestial garden. Such a fearful place, some spires ablaze, blinding orange and yellow; some so lofty they are lost amidst the poison cloud. Here the Enchantress dwells. We must not steer too close.

“Father, we must take another path, I fear we may be too near the castle gates.”

“Derek, grow up and shut up…it’s the chemical works!”

Too late, he is already under her spell…all is lost.