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The other point of view

by  Sue

Posted: Sunday, September 19, 2004
Word Count: 152
Summary: My attempt at the exercise of the body part but from the other eye's 'point of view'!

Blink, blink, o my twin's at it again. Come on focus wake up. Now that's right, her hand's got the right tap. Why do I seem to be doing all the work. Hello, where are we going? That man just put a light in my twin and now he's shifting about trying to get out of the way, poor thing, must hurt.

Hello, wow look at that. Did you see that thing he had in his hand, Ow, its gone in the other side. He can't move. Why am I in the dark, why have I got a sheet over me? What you doing to my twin? I need him, don't take him out.

Hello, I can only see with me now. What's over the twin? The man's taking something off. Hey look at that he can see clealy now. What do think? Aren't the colours great! We're working together now. Brillant!