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The Starry Eye

by  Sue

Posted: Wednesday, September 1, 2004
Word Count: 203
Summary: A second go! For Anna's attention, a recent exercise the human body.

Oh this star is a nuisance. Everytime the sun comes out I'm screwed shut because I'm dazzled and then she gets a headache. A man shone a light into me today, he nearly blinded me, I was jumping around trying to get out of its way. He called it a "cateract". Something was dripped in to me and when she looked in the mirror she seemed a little sad that it was going. It looked very pretty.

Another man now. What's he got in his hand? It looks sharp. Where did it go? Ow! what was that, I can't move now.

There's a sheet over my twin now and I'm looking into a dark room. Another man is coming towards me. Wow! what a lovely blue light. What is he doing, pushing, pulling and puting liquid in me? I'm glad he put that sharp thing in me now. Oh, its gone dark again.

Another day, its that man again, I can see him out of my twin. Wow! isn't everything clear! That's how bright the colours look after all those years of looking washed out. Watch those steps, no its okay now, just one image not three! Hey brain, no more scrambled messages!