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But I`m Blind

by  laurafraser

Posted: Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Word Count: 191

But I'm Blind.

look at that girl,
did you see her lick the peacockís feathers
whilst twiddling a Samuraiís sword?

look at that girl,
is she iconic?
like a geisha with amnesia, drinking
margaritas' at dawn.

swivel your head
your pineapple head
pimpled skin and stiff dead hair,
oh do you see me here, slouched on this stolen throne?
But if we work together
(will you look at the girl?)
and promise not to eclipse
your pedigree.
I do.

my diamond is dying,
privilege is worthless
and I dream of a place all alone.
believe me.
Perceive (of) me.
listen to these (thoughtless) words,
because remember,
remember about the bridge that can snap,
but thereís a part of me
a part of you
(and her)
that wants to, would like to,
because it has to,
want the other thing,
the other side
of this abyss.
Hiss and iíll kiss you
but iíll always miss you.
lips to lips pressed deep
she you and I have gone mad
and him and her and them and me
gone mad.

But I like it this way.
This is the way (today), that I like.