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by  roovacrag

Posted: Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Word Count: 106
Summary: Dedicated to Mum,with love.

She brought her family up
thick and strong.
Her mother died
when she was 12.
Still she told her,
"Love you".

Sisters of 2
brothers of 7,
ten kids in all,
mother in heaven,
saying"love you".

She loved kids,
animals too.
Not once did she say,
"I don't love you".
She was always there
when I needed her most,
talked me through
my fear of ghosts.

She watched me play,
watched me cry,
never once
did I hear her sigh.
She just said,"love you".

The night she died,
I cried.
Next day phoned
to say goodbye.

She wasn't there,
so left a message,
"love you".