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little thoughts

by  Agnieszka Ryk

Posted: Monday, May 19, 2003
Word Count: 159
Summary: a new entry for the 'baby' category on this site...

sometimes you just cant help feeling annoyed
you move your hands around to push it away but it just doesnt go
some things surprise you sometimes by being in the wrong place including people

some things that were hard and cold before are still hard and cold today
sometimes things you want are just beyond your reach

some things not all make a noise when they hit other things
some things make a noise all by themselves
some noises dont come from things and just arrive big in your head and make you blink

not all people give you a nice face when you give them one even your best
some people feel like part of you and make your eyes open
some things do that too

sometimes things just start again
and you cant remember what happened before except it was dark

sometimes its nice to sit on a warm person
sometimes you cant help closing your eyes