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by  Jacqui Whittingham

Posted: Sunday, May 11, 2003
Word Count: 107
Summary: This is the first poem I have ever submitted outside of a safe environment-I'm not sure what to expect. The poems title tells you everything you need to know. The poem is very simple. The immense joy of becoming a Mother has the razor sharp edge of fear cutting right through it.


Looking down into pools of dark laughter
My core lifts and a breath is missed
You make me strong and vulnerable
For you I would do anything, anything

Pictures in my mind, a running film
Things that may or may not happen.
Itís easier to visualise the things I fear
Than dare hope for the things I dream

In denial the day you came
Could not allow acceptance until certain
That the pains that tore me apart
Brought you safely to the world

Oh but what a world. How can I think it safe
When each day brings news of more to come
The torment of giving life is nothing
When you have so much to lose.