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Without you

by  Stacey

Posted: Wednesday, May 7, 2003
Word Count: 75
Summary: Ok, confession time. I have never written a poem in my life (well, not since I was at school, at least). I had all these emotions built up inside, so sort of let them out in my version of a poem - I am sure it will be greatly criticised, its not the most descriptive piece, but the emotions I am trying to portray mean a lot to me. Even if you hate it, thanks for giving me your time :0)

I want to see you
So much
It hurts
But please stay away

I am afraid
I am so afraid
Of being near you

I want to touch you
More than ever
Your touch is so familiar
But please donít come near me

I am scared
So very scared
Of touching you

I dream of being yours
Every day
Every night
Every moment

But I know it will never be

We can never be together
Not today
Not now
Not ever

I will have to try to accept that

So will you please get out of my head?