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by  Ling Ling

Posted: Friday, April 9, 2004
Word Count: 149

The gentle sound of night
Draws in to end my solitude.
An owl calls to its mate to
offer its presence to the darkness.

Deepest blue sky caresses the
earth like a blanket to it’s child.
Protecting and nurturing, aiding
peaceful sleep unto its restless form.

A flickering candle reflects it’s light
in my eye’s and awakens my senses
to the underworld which lies in the
chasm’s of hunger’s empty lair.

I hear you call, mourning my parting.
Watching you from the shadow’s,
I feel your pulse begin to quicken,
your restless heart is stirring.

Do I take you now love, or leave
you to remain in peaceful slumber.
Do I take away your sorrow, or
leave you once more to remember.

Once awoken to my eager embrace,
you begin to shudder at my kiss.
Fear not, for the curse of love-
left un-dead - rest in eternal hunger.