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<A Season In Hellii>

by  Avalive

Posted: Thursday, April 1, 2004
Word Count: 190

<A Season In Hellii>

You wake up
Follow the time

No bible in hand
A piece of patisserie rotted
My skin left on you
A stranger's face
Yersterday wasn't pale

A season in hell
Darkness wears a tutu turning around
No stream flirts with a drunk boat
No sinner gathered
Sun is absent

Winter invited summer to come
Spring's jaw down
Fall falls with lonely sound

A season in hell
Bodies knot
Tireness not

Wake up
Your face appers not
Blank painting
Rain runs into my veins
Sleep a sleep
A transparent dream

A season in hell
Hands hold not
Nothing attacks my fort
Frozen soil
Blissfully bites my feet
feu de joie
An honored lamster

Up wake, up
Birds stole my tart
Steal a kiss over my lips
Your color is on me
Unfailing breath blows my walls
Shake the sheet
You disappeared underneath

Wake up ,up
My Muse is drawing a mouse potato
Fill me with loveliness

A season in hell
Sleep a sleep
No gate to Mecca
Wake up
Wake me up
No gate to hell

Baptiseed in a coffee bath
Follow time
Head to Halidom