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by  llydstp

Posted: Thursday, March 4, 2004
Word Count: 60
Summary: A friend of mine - a jazz piano player named Harry who is now in his seventies, is married to a Polish lady named Sophie (Zafia in Polish). Yesterday he brought me an old album of photographs of her taken when she was in her twenties and was living in Warsaw. "Doesn't she look like Ingrid Bergman?" he asked me proudly. This inspired me to write the poem.

A book of black and white photographs
But not old enough to fade
Made in Poland
When the communists sold photographic stuff
Cheap but quality unsure
"Doesn't she look like Ingrid Bergman?" He asks
Her hero
"More beautiful than Ingrid" I reply
Seeing eternity in her smile
Rick’s Place
With Harry at the piano
Not Sam