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Let Down Your Hair

by  Jojovits1

Posted: Monday, February 28, 2022
Word Count: 90
Summary: I'm sorry - I asked you to extend but I don't think I hit the brief at all in the end....but this is what came out of it :-)

Golden ropes
of curls
at his feet
pale skin
against brick
and moon
he scales walls
with whispers
and moss
green eyes
and a promise
of happily
ever after
in his mind
she sings
lips parted
notes plucked
as he climbs
with one hand
on the ledge
he looks up
and falls
as the tresses
are cut away
thorns break his fall
rip his lashes
tear his lids
‘til tears
smoke his vision
and when
he is blind
her face
is all he can see