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The Tipping Point

by  Jojovits1

Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2021
Word Count: 130
Summary: For this week's challenge (finally got some time to write something)! How much longer are we going to put up with these idiots fudging the figures, ignoring the data and generally putting wealth above health?

Behind closed doors
they all discuss.
They shake their fists
and whoop and cuss.
Agendas make them
on what the tipping point
should be.
What numbers should
they advertise?
The deaths?  The sick?
or compromise
and peddle graphs
that show The Nation’s
beating it with
No worth for them
in keeping score.
There’s more dead now
than was before
and do they hang
their heads in shame?
Oh sadly, no
for we’re to blame.
We stood too close
and sang too loud
amidst that
fifty thousand crowd.
The daily deaths
are down to us
for not washing
our hands enough.
And when the dust
is all but cleared
the damage more
than we had feared…
decisions lie
with you and me
on what the tipping point
should be.