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490 Challenge

by  Novy123

Posted: Friday, May 8, 2020
Word Count: 227
Summary: A manager is dismissed from a position.

Vitality away
Sloped, slopped, slinked, going, sung and gone
Curling with pain; my hands grab for sweet bread
It relieves and then there is pain again, there is silent screaming
Bus stop where the transporters and commuters smile bleakly not knowing one and other
Familiarity of a local, vocalised
Work, family, shops, families, police sirens passing me passing time
Shall I call?  Shall I reach out to the one who is no good in my keeping, to my mind beastly
Feet and legs want to scramble, leg it run as if a hill could not stop me
Inside on another ledge my fist is clenched ready for the confrontation
It never comes, this agony is so drama free
Not long ago the path was easy to find, easy to reach to so very visually clear
It even used to seem to sparkle, like my new designer shoes
Now the path is grimy, covered in dust persons walking with beer cans, swear words, locked doors
Staff monitored, me the boss
Was caused caustic jolly not in foundation, was I?
Perhaps looking up at the boss required false smiles
Soda is caustic not that period of time, surely?!
Isolate revere feels!!! Feel and move it, then move it again and then pump that!
The shout from mirror reflection.
Material affirmation you just got lost without translation.