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Broken Door

by  Novy123

Posted: Thursday, April 30, 2020
Word Count: 327
Summary: A poem about keeping a secret. A relationship intense and slightly bitter between a mother and son

Broken Door
Inside the path crooked and wounded from rocks falling from mountain path
Hovering over just as the comments in the mind of mother who had shunned the latest business idea
Just because there was a crash! Just because there was a closed-minded manager! Just because the world didn’t see the vision!
Who would say this time would be as dented? Precarious as the ‘’oops mind your step’’ on the path to my door
Her ‘’shhh shh and no now and not again dearest’’; make the keys jangle and bring a thought of shingles to my mind surprisingly
I look for spots on my hand and then the saying of ‘’first sign of madness’’
I laugh deliriously at this coming and going this to and froing.  The snow kiss on your lips darling mother
Your scented bosom. Our cat and mouse game of love thrones and princes
I am a prince now to someone and there is tightness at the top of my mouth, keeping my mouth tight lipped
She is wonderful, wears Ribbons in her hair
Climbs the mountain behind the house, wipes sweat from my eyes
And believes in me, my advances into the world of business
Leaves hair comb by the mirror so I imagine myself grey, wrinkled, shrinking into her arms
Hour by hour I am devoured by her presence
The air conditioner installed makes me feel temporarily mosaic in my heart, as if pulled from my chest to inspect colours to review you and I mummy
The frown is a white line exasperated across the ventricles
And so I close it and place it back inside my breathing chest
Close the door, lock it with key, remove your expectations
Send a note, a letter to the vast sky of blue purple above
And whisper to myself the first time ‘’I’m in love’’
Just to myself and I like - to the point of love what I see in the mirror.